AATT Mission

To create the realization of accessible Teaching & Learning Products at UMD.


  • Increase awareness of accessibility solutions in classroom technology
  • Provide support and resources for the community to develop accessible practices
  • Represent UMD at a system-wide level

Find out more by contacting [email protected]!

Upcoming Workshops and Webinars

  • Sign the One Step Accessibility Pledge: Help UMD move closer to its goal of a more accessible community by pledging to turn on captions in your Zoom Meetings. Challenge your colleagues and department!

AATT Members

  • Adam Brisk, ITSS
  • Laura Carlson, ITSS
  • Valerie Coit, Swenson College of Science and Engineering
  • Sara Fitzgerald, Controller's Office
  • Justin Gervais, Facilities Management
  • Jolene Hyppa Martin, College of Education and Health Services Professions
  • Hannah Lieberman, University Marketing and Public Relations
  • Meryl Lucchesi-Freyberg, Disability Resources
  • Andy Manteuffel, ITSS
  • John O'Neill, College of Liberal Arts
  • Tiffany Quade, ITSS
  • Meredith Schneider, College of Education and Health Services Professions
  • Emma Schroeder, Labovitz School of Business and Economics
  • Julie Slowiak, College of Education and Health Services Professions
  • Tim Walters, Disability Resources