Accessibility Tips of the Month

or… Why lists are awesome; let us count the ways

A low stake, achievable, and impactful challenge for the new academic year!

Make your link text meaningful and short

Here is a partial list of our favorite accessibility related extensions, plugins, and tools.

Try to limit the amount of text in the image when possible.

A low stakes and easy place to start applying your accessibility knowledge is within your team’s meeting minutes. 

Why lists are awesome; let us count the ways.

 It’s important to have adequate contrast between foreground and background colors.

Learn more about PDFs and Accessibility Best Practices.

Choose a small project or skill to explore! You will be amazed at how quickly you become adept.

Cognitive load relates to the amount of information that an individual can process in a short amount of time.

Captions offer a written, textual account of the spoken words in a video or live streaming event, and are an important part of designing accessible content.

Headings provide structure to documents or web pages.

When using images on a website or in a document, include a written description of the image.

Embedding web addresses in text is a powerful way to make a document more accessible.