May: Using Text in Images

Often people will use text in their images for the events calendar, websites, and emails. This can be a useful practice, however it takes a little effort to make these images accessible to everyone. Most notably, try to limit the amount of text in the image when possible. Here are some additional tips for using text in images in specific contexts.

Events Calendar

Each event on the calendar requires an image to go along with it. Since the images are fairly small, it’s best to include crucial information in the body rather than in the image. LiveWhale also includes the capacity for alt text, however it’s labeled as a caption. If your image includes text you should also write it out here.

screenshot from events calendar form showing file upload option


On your website, screen reading software can’t detect the text in your image. People using screen readers can miss important information this way. If you do include an image that has text in it, it is important to provide a written description of the image. The description is called alternative text or alt text for short. Alt text should include all the text in your image.


Unfortunately Gmail doesn’t allow for alt text. If you include images in your email, especially ones with text, make sure to include a written description of them in the body of the email. Microsoft Outlook does support alt text in emails via menu options.