March: All about Lists

Why use lists?

Creating bulleted and numbered lists is an easy way to increase accessibility. When using the built-in tools for creating lists, the background code marks the text accordingly. People using screen readers will then hear “unordered list” or “numbered list” followed by the items in the list.

Benefits of Lists

  • Readability and scanning: Lists improve readability for all users by breaking up text into manageable portions. This approach is used in recipes or instructions as the information is broken into logical and ordered chunks.  A user can incrementally progress through the steps or requirements, as well return to a spot more readily. We can reduce the complexity and intimidation factors of our instructions by using lists.
  • Convenience: It's also more convenient to use the bulleted list tools in the toolbars of Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, etc. Don’t believe us?  Try to quickly create an indented four-item list with an asterisk.  Now use the “Bulleted list” feature in. It's a big difference!
  • Equity: Lists improve the experience for all users.

How to use Lists

  • For items that appear in a specific order, use a numbered or ordered list. For items that could appear in any sequence, use a bulleted or unordered list.
  • Use the buttons on the toolbar to start your list. Use return/enter to create another list item.
  • Use tab/shift+tab to indent/outdent a list item, or employ the increase/decrease indent tools.
    Indent/outdent buttons.

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