July: Accessible Links

What is accessible link text?

  • Accessible link text is meaningful, descriptive and unique.
  • Your link text should make sense with or without context, and give the user a clear idea of where the link is going to take them.
  • HERE, Click HERE, THIS LINK are examples of meaningless, non-contextual text.

Why do links need to be accessible?

  • Users of screen readers sometimes navigate pages by skipping from link to link, so each one needs to be clear and unique. Imagine attempting to identify an important link for an assignment or project, and hearing the words “click here” repeated
  • Some users will visually scan the page to look for relevant links.

How do I quickly add links to my text?

  • Embedding a link is a useful skill for documents and emails. Embedding is when we take a long link, and then make into the shortcut in the text of the document. This can be done using menus and toolbars in most applications.  
  • There are quick shortcuts to enhance
    • Windows: Control + k, paste the URL into the dialog box.
    • Mac: Command + k, paste the URL into the dialog box

I learned so much. How can I learn more?