April: Accessible Meeting Minutes

Accessible Skills To Use

Headings and structure

  • Use headings to organize your notes by topic or date.
  • Headings provide a visual break in the content which makes scanning and finding relevant information easier. 
  • For people using assistive technologies, such as a screen reader, headings allow them to navigate the content via their keyboard. Without structure, there is no easy way to navigate a document because the document is read as a single long section.
    • In Microsoft Word (Office 365):
      Screenshot from Microsoft Word showing the location of the Headings feature under the Styles menu
    • In a Google Doc:
      Screenshot of Google Docs showing the Headings menu


  • Use an ordered list to prioritize the items in your agenda
  • Use check boxes for To Do items:
    checkbox icon in Google Docs
  • Google Docs menu list options:
    Screenshot of Google Docs menu list options
  • Microsoft Office menu list options:
    Screenshot of Microsoft Office buttons for bulleted and numbered lists.


  • Embed links into meaningful text, & avoid pasting long urls into the document, and instead enclose them in text.  For example: 
  • HINT: You can quickly create embedded links by Selecting your text and typing  command+K (Mac) or  Ctrl +K (Windows).

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